Economy Funeral with ceremony

The Atropos funeral service offers you an Economic funeral for a discounted internet price of CZK 18,492 with VAT (CZK 16,080 without VAT).

We will be happy to answer any of your questions on the NONSTOP line of the Funeral Service Atropos, 800 321136. 

The economic funeral includes the following services:

  • transport of the deceased (Prague and surroundings)

  • funeral farewell in the small ceremonial hall of the Crematorium Strašnice

  • cremation of the deceased

  • ceremonial casket ER25 black

  • printing 25 pieces parte

  • speaker and mourning reproduced music

  • rental of floral decorations

  • securing a death certificate

    These items are fixed and cannot be changed or supplemented. The cost of the funeral does not include the costs of other entities. These fees, together with services provided in addition to those listed, will be charged to you separately.

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